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Painting Vinyl Siding, thinking out of the box!

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Regal revive from Benjamin Moore

Often not considered but something that is a very real option is painting your vinyl siding.  Benjamin Moore has a product formulated specifically for your vinyl siding.  Regal Select Exterior REVIVE for Vinyl Siding is specially formulated for optimal performance on vinyl siding and trim, giving your home a fresh look in just the color you want. It’s made with a proprietary Vinyl Lock technology, Regal Select Exterior REVIVE provides long lasting beauty and protection, whether you are looking to refresh your faded siding with a color close to the original or it’s time for a dramatic change.

Anyone living in a home with vinyl siding knows that the color fades dramatically over time and is especially noticeable in areas that get more sunlight.  It’s generally been understood that 100% acrylic products were safe for vinyl siding provided your color selection was on the lighter side.  Darker colors tended to attract more sunlight, causing the vinyl to buckle and warp.  Recent advancements in paint formulation have allowed for far more options when it comes to the colors you can paint your vinyl siding.

Sea to Sea Painters are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to properly prepare and paint your vinyl home.   The Fraser Valley and metro Vancouver are dominated by neighborhoods built with vinyl siding.  Perhaps you’ve been considering residing your house with “hardie board”?  Painting your vinyl is now a durable and cost effective alternative!  There’s right and wrong ways for application, and professionally applied you can expect a fade resistant durable finish to last you 10 years.  Few painting companies have much experience painting vinyl homes as it is something that is rarely tackled.  Call Daniel for a quote today (604)309-2777